The institution has greatly contributed to the teaching of both the graduate and undergraduate programs in the great department of Earth Sciences. We are in place offering courses that have greatly put a focus on our entire research strengths like for instance in geology, remote sensing, cosmochemistry, planetary surface processes, mineral physics and also geophysics. The institution faculty includes the graduate members in the general department of Earth Sciences and this was formerly referred to as Geophysics and Geology. Courses are turning to be more state-of-the-art and innovative due to the connections to the experts in research. 

Courses offered

The courses that have put emphasis on the Earth

- Planetary Geosciences graduate courses

- Planetary Geoscience undergraduate courses

- Courses that will be introduced sooner

- Space emphasis undergraduate courses

- Graduate admissions details

In partnership with the faculty of Earth Sciences, HIGP research institution has made it open and encouraged student applications that have a wish to join the world’s great research institute. Our institute also offers both the master and Ph.D. degree courses.

HIGP public educational talks

The personnel of the research institution speaks on different educational topics throughout the year to students and also the entire public. Some of our short forum lists that are great speakers have made are;