The Center of Advanced Electron Microscopy: Helios Dual Beam FIB and Titan (S) TEM

Cosmochemistry Center of W. M. Keck: ion microprobe, Cameca IMS 1280 for tracing abundance of elements and measurement of isotopic

The Infrasound laboratory: Is in place to monitor sound waves of low frequency atmospheric that are generated by both man-made and natural resources. 

The material Science laboratory for studying the behavior of functional materials and minerals under high temperature and pressure conditions. 

A paleomagnetic laboratory that is in place for studying short term behavior the magnetic field of the Earth, the petrofabrics of both the sedimentary and igneous rocks, the absolute paleointensities of both the Icelandic and Hawaiian basalts and lastly all the Martian meteorites magnetic properties. 

The Roman Systems laboratory is there for investigations of the synthetic and natural materials by Laser-induced fluorescence, the Remote Raman Spectroscopy, and Micro-Raman, and lastly the entire laser-induced spectroscopy breakdown for the planetary and terrestrial applications.