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Hawai’i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology (HIGP) is among the world’s developing multi-disciplinary institutes that conduct advanced research, teaching, workforce training, technology development and also service in the oceanographic cutting edge, geological, engineering, atmospheric, planetary science and geophysical. HIGP is part of the SOEST University of Hawai at the Manoa campus. We house around 100 faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, staff and also graduate students who have access to different instrumentations and state of art laboratories, far-ranging field sites, and research vessels. We have a corporation through the Space Flight Laboratory of Hawai with the College of Engineering for launch and satellite fabrication. The expertise of our institute has spanned the world at all places right from the upper atmosphere to deep Earth interior and we have extensions to other planets like Mars, and to the moon.

University Promotion and Tenure Announcements

It is with great pleasure to put on board the announcement the tenure with promotion to Bin Chem, an Associate Researcher in the Mineral Physics research and also the tenure of the institution’s Associate Researcher, Hope Ishii and also the Director of the Center of Advanced Electron Microscopy.

Updates for the Geothermal Resources Center and Hawai Groundwater (HGGRC) La Island Project

The institution researcher Don Thomas, HIGP Associate Researcher Nicole Lautze and the entire HGGRC project team have made way to post updates concerning the ongoing HGGRC research water project on La. This is actually an assessment of hydro-geo-chemical groundwater systems that have commenced in the great Pai Basin.

Both the newly developed and historical information that relates right to the geothermal and groundwater resources all over Hawai am found at the online repository of HGGRC. All that HGGRC is struggling to do is increase access to data that regards all the existing resources, put in place encouragement for innovations and research in both the geothermal energy and water management, to give the public such an informational platform, and also the ensure they supply the required information to policymakers so that they can maximize utilization of the natural resources of Hawai.

Mission Statement from HIGP

The institution of HIGP has made it solve important problems in planetary science and Earth simply by application and development of data analysis technologies via a software company, state-of-art exploration and also clear measurements. HIGP institution stands to serve both the State of Hawai and the society by simply disseminating and acquiring new knowledge about other existing planetary bodies and the Earth, and also introducing and developing all the possible leading-edge technologies and state economy highly experienced workforce.

Campus map

For the information regarding this, the site that has provided it is in compliance with the WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards of U.S. Section 508. In case you are kind of encountering difficulties in accessing information on this at the HIGP institution website, you should contact our technical department with a clear description of the kind of problem you may be encountering and all shall be solved in time.

The HIGP institution has made advancements in research, service and also teaching. The expertise of this top institution has spanned all over the world right from the sea depths all through to the volcanoes tops and a great extension to the moon and other planets like Mars.

From the left to the right, these banner images show the satellite communication dish, wave heights of tsunami map, the seafloor spreading/the mid-ocean ridge map, the mapping and imaging instrument the ocean sonar system that has been deeply towed, the moon of the Earth, the active lava flow of Hawaiian, planet Mars, Antarctica’s meteorite collection and also the GPS field main station.

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