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UK Supercluster for healthcare innovation launched.

The word Supercluster is also used by various academic institutions and generally refer to alliances of cross disciplinary research groups collaborating toward the goal of helping the people and the earth, here are a few… Colorado State Clean Energy Supercluster, UC Davis Humanities Institute, The SSRN Social Science Research Network and their Indiana Technology Innovation Super Cluster for creating jobs in the Mid-West and The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative/John Adams Innovation Institute -Massachusett’s Life Sciences -Supercluster report to the Boston Foundation.

Other academic institutions use superclusters for their Supercomputing programs and workshops, for example, Maverick at Mississippi State, Umea University HPC2N, the High Performance Computer Center North at Umea Sweden, the Tsukuba Advanced Computing Center – Part of the Japan’s AIST – National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

Also check out the Apple G5 Dual Supercluster at Virginia Tech.

Compute for science with BOINC -Berkeley Open Infrustructure for Network Computing, and the VCSC -Virtual Campus Supercomputing Center.